Panthers Cubs (Age 2-4)


Structured Martial Arts classes for childern from age 2 to 4

Your young martial artist wil follow a FUN. interactive, development programme which introduces very basic fundamental movements patterns and martial arts adventure. Programmes include all martial arts basic training, pattern work and work on punch/kick bags, focus mitts, striking shields, crash matts and other purpose build pre school martial arts equipment. Our Panthers Cubs classes are structured with mum and dad assistance. Programmes develop fundamental basics including: basic safe falling techniques, basic blocks, basic hand strikes and kicks and coordinated ring games. Our Panther Cubs classes are often the first structured play our new young students have participated in. In this program we are value the development of social skills as highly as physical skills. From the simple hidden skills such as take turns during activities or not speaking while the instructor is talking, to balancing confidence and discipline. All our Panthers Cubs instructors are fully qualified and hold black balt and DBS checked and carry instructor indemnity insurance.  

Classes time:

Friday   4.15pm - 4.50pm

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