Why Learn Marital Arts?

Vital for all men, women and children in today's environment is a knowledge of self defence. We cannot ignore the growing crime statistics reported daily in our newspapers and acts of violence are on the increase. We owe it to ourselves and our children to ensure that in the event of an attack we can protect ourselves adequately. The confidence that develops within a Martial Arts student is invaluable in all aspects of everyday life. It is for everyone and there is something to be gained by any student who is dedicated and willing to learn.

Is It Suitable For Children?

As well as an enjoyable leisure activity, Martial Arts is an excellent and rewarding pursuit for children. The discipline required through the study of Martial Arts will encourage your child to become more responsible, disciplined and self confident. A specialised and structured syllabus of Martial Arts techniques is taught to children in a safe environment by fully qualified instructors. Children can acquire and improve their co-ordination, concentration, self-esteem and self-control. Add this to self defence and fitness benefits and you can see why Martial Arts has become popular with children.

What are our objectives?

Our objectives are quite simple, to attain real excellence. This could enable you to become a champion or achieve a black belt or both. To achieve this, we highly recommend that you attend training at least once a week. To really get the most from your course and your fitness, we also advise that you attend consistently, making it a part of your normal weekly schedule. In this way we can help to produce not only excellent martial artists, but outstanding members of society as well.

Do I have to buy my own equipment?

On registration to the Panthers, you will receive a free Panthers suit which must be worn at all times for training and competitions that represent the club. Aerobic Combat members will receive free boxing gloves. Any additional specialised equipment is available for use at the center in the short term (selected courses only), however in the interest of hygiene, you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own equipment. Equipment is obtainable through the center at very reasonable prices.

How do I start?

You are welcome to come along at any time, or if you wish to phone in advance, the contact numbers are listed at the bottom of the page or you can use our online contacc form. Our registration programme is simple. You are eligible for a free 1st trial lesson in either Kickboxing, Ju-Jutsu, Kendo or Aerobic Combat; with NO cost and NO obligation to join. After this time you will need to submit a membership fee. Full details are provided at your first session.

We are currently running a promotion which allows members to claim a 10% discount if they commit to membership on their first trial lesson

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