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Panthers Martial Arts Academy is open to all regular classes as well as private lessons :

WINTER Special offer to all new students - First 30 days trial for £30 with access to all classes!

Over this period we will be providing you with all  basic equipment for training.

 All students must be dressed in there uniform when entry the centre (both changing rooms will be out of use)

Sensei Kire

Chief Instructor

For more information please contact us: on Mob 078 11283482 or via email

 Terms and Conditions apply


Winter23 special offer - First 30 days trial for £30 with access to any classes you wish to try over the trial period :

You want to get Fit, Lose Weight, Tone your Body, Stress Relieve and most of all have great FUN?

Why not take advantage from our special WINTER offer - free  30 days trial for £30  to all Martial Arts and BodyMaX Fitness programs (For BodyMax only 30 days for £30 with FREE induction lesson and after the trial beside monthly: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months)!

We are child friendly academy, place where you can bring your young children and leave in the reception area in your vision while you are training.

You have nothing to lose except few pounds weight! 

Our new BodyMaX Fitness programs:

- 777 Combat & Calisthenics Fitness A and B programs

- Body Strength & Cardio Combat

- Gluteus, ABS & Thighs Sculpting

- Aerobic Kickboxing


And see why BodyMax Fitness is so popular and the most fun Fitness you have ever done with great, fast results!

for more information please contact Sensei Kire on 07811 283 482 or email

Terms and conditions apply


Persoanl Training Lessons 1-2-1:

Spring '20 special offer book your first 5 PT lessons for only £150 (PT)  

For fast progress we offer Private Personal training Lessons 1-2-1, all lessons have to be pre booked. Fees start from £35 per lesson. For additional £15 per lesson, lessons can be shared with another person.

We offer 1-2-1 Classes in:

K1 Kickboxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Classical Ju Jutsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Kenjutsu, Other Weapons training (Katana, Nunchakues, Bo and Jo Staff, Specified Self defences and Security -Restraining techniques!

Also 1-2-1 Personal training in: Fitness, and Body Building specially tailored programs such as Calisthenics  to suit your goals (weight loss , weight gain, Toning), as well as physio therapy for joints and lower back problems strengthening (help with pain relieve on lower back, shoulders, knees, elbows .......)


for more information please call Sensei Kire Antoski on 078 11283482



Permanent 10% Discount  for: NHS, Police, Armed Forces & Fire Brigade - (Proof Required).

Family Discount available!

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