The Way Of The Sword

The sword is traditionally seen as the soul of the warrior; it was believed to possess divine power. For these reasons Iaido-kenjutsu, the Japanese art of sword fighting, is one of the most highly respected martial arts. Kenjutsu is based on battlefield experience and practices from the sword skills of educated warriors - samurai. Originally a method of sword manipulation, it came to be more fully understood through observance of natural laws on the battlefield. It can be divided into the following three components:


Etiquette and discipline are key elements of Kenjutsu. The goal is to develop the character of the participant, e.g. self-confidence, courtesy and respect for others. This was of utmost importance to the Samurai.

Kendo Armour

Kendo armour is an expensive item, but don't worry. At Panther Martial Arts Academy Kendo armour will be provided free of charge!

Classes Time

Adults: Friday 7.15pm - 8.45pm 

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