BodyMaX Cross Fitness

Choose a programme to suit YOU so that you can reach your optimum fitness goal fast, this enables us to provide an effective workout for the advanced athlete or complete beginner. Use our knowledge and expertise to lose weight and get your body toned or totally ripped and strenthing up your core (low back) and joins troughout of any of our programs. Your dedication to BodymaX Fitness will get you fitter faster  in the best shape and build your core (low back) and strengthing your joins and make them pain free!

We know that what you need from our gym is support, fun, challenges, encouragement, variety, expertise, progress monitoring and that sometimes you may even need a good push for reach your fitness goals! That’s why our gym is designed to be a place you want to go, rather than a place you have to go.

3 keys to success

  • Obtainable Goals
  • Correct Nutrition
  • Efficient Exercise

Knowing your body and how it responds to exercise and diet is key to successful weight loss. BodyMaX General Fitness knows everyone is individual and that is why we have formulated the optimal workouts for everyone to get the most out of their training session.

Total Conditioning

Total Conditioning fitness class is the ultimate and unique total body workout, designed to help sculpt and tone your whole body using the latest most effective exercises. This fitness class is a circuit-style workout and uses the perfect balance of cardio & resistance training. Punch bags, weights and conditioning exercises make this a favourite amongst our students and the targeted Abs session at the end of the fitness circuit completes the workout perfectly. Total Conditioning is suitable for all levels of fitness as we work with you to achieve your desired results of general fitness.

Aerobic Combat

Aerobic Combat General fitness class is a dynamic unique workout using shadow kickboxing to get your fitness level soaring. Unleash the Kickboxer inside you. We also incorporate some General fitness circuit exercises using the bags for a varied and effective workout that really makes you sweat and we finish with an intense abdominal workout. This fitness class is a fun way to lose weight & also to learn the techniques used in K1 kickboxing as it is taught by qualified instructors.

Extreme Cardio

Extreme Cardio fitness class will make you sweat like never before. This session gets your heart pumping whilst shaping and toning your body. These workouts are unique fitness circuit-style workouts using the punch bags and the most up-to-date and effective exercises to achieve great results quickly. The fitness class is not complete without a targeted Abs session to finish.   See your fitness level increase whilst your body changes. Suitable for all levels as we work closely with you to make sure you achieve your desired results.  

Full Body Blast

Full Body Blast is a fitness class that is specifically designed to target the areas most of us want to work. It uses the latest exercises and alternates between bag work, weights and various pieces of equipment to optimise the workout and achieve results. The weight exercises are designed to add tone and definition to the arms. The bag work provides a fantastic cardio workout burning fat & increasing fitness whilst promoting weight loss. Medicine balls and the other equipment used enhance the exercises and make this session the ultimate toning workout. Suitable for all levels of fitness we will work with you to trim, tone and sculpt your body.

Max Body Challenge

Max Body Challenge is a great challenging program designed to not just build your body muscle mass but also takes your muscles through endurance like never before. Max Body Challenge takes you to the next level of fitness incorporating resistance training, cardio, bag work and core strength - it is hard and sweaty but most of all it is great FUN!

BodyMaX Cross Fitness

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